Thursday, January 8, 2009

Get Anything You Want —NOW!

Make your goals happen. Here are 13 ways to make your goals—big or small—happen.

1. Play!

Want to lost weight or get firmer arms? Get into a sport! Swimming is a great whole-body workout. Badminton can make you drop pounds from all the running around. Cycling can really strengthen your legs. The best thing about sports? Your body gets into tip-top shape while you're just playing and having fun!
- I do play Lawn Tennis to stay healthy and firm. *_^

2. Do it yourself!

Is there a girl in school who just oozes cool? Somehow she looks like she's got a look that's all her own. Hey, achieving your own style is easy-with a little creativity. Make your own jewelry, design your own T-shirts, or hem your own jeans with a unique accessory. It's the coolest way to put a personal stamp on your look.

3. Smile!

The easiest way to make friends is to stretch your mouth from ear to ear. Same rule goes for that boy you're hoping will ask you to the movies this weekend. Basic fact: People like friendly faces better. With a smile you appear nicer, warmer, and more approachable. So if you want to connect with someone, just flash those pearly whites.

4. Raise your hand!

Are grades hassling you? Improve your standing by being more active in class. If the teacher sees you reciting more, asking more questions, and listening more closely, she'll be more inclined to help you out. Think about it: Would you want to lend a hand to someone who doesn't seem interested in helping herself?

5. Make it a group effort!

Trying to reach a goal can sometimes get frustrating. So why now get the whole barkada into the act? Form a club and agree to check up on each other's progress. It can be a jogging club, a painting club, or a watch-less-TV club. You can even award prizes to each other!

6. Surf the net!

Want to get a scholarship to college or join an exchange program? Plenty of educational info is now online. Most schools publish all their information on the Web, which makes researching all your choices easy. Many sites are also equipped with online application forms so you can jump right in.

7. Collect coins!

Want more cash? Save your coins! Money experts recommend saving all your loose change in a piggy bank. At the end of the year, you'll be surprised by how much you have. Here's how my I does it though-I only saves five-peso coins. That makes it easier to count my pot, than makes your hair grow faster.

8. Write it down!

Dreaming of someday backpacking through USA or becoming a pilot? Write down the dreams that make you excited about the future. Include specifics-when, how, why, with whom. Draw if you like. Maybe an image of you singing on Broadway? Seeing it on paper will surely thrill you and drive you to really make it happen.

9. Say it nicely!

For the umpteenth time, your parents' answer is a firm no. No to the slumber party, no to the weekend in Cebu or Davao, no to an after-school movie. If you keep getting the same response, maybe it's time to change the way you ask for permission. Try giving them complete details or offering to bring home some dessert for them. And when you get home, share a few details. Let them hear how much you enjoyed yourself. Don't forget to say thanks!

10. Join a contest!

Want a free CD or lipstick? Contests and raffles are great ways to win fun, little goodies you enjoy (like books, prepaid cell phone cards, concert tickets). You can find contests offering prizes that really make your mouth water just about anywhere. Check out TV shows, radio stations, magazines, retails shops, and websites.

11. Close your eyes!

Having a crazy day? A crazy life? Keep a feel-good moment in your pocket so you can take it out whenever you need a time-out. Practice this calm-down habit: Close your eyes and think of a time you felt really joyful. Was it on your last family vacation? Take yourself back to that nice evening stroll on the beach. Relax in the memory.

12. Take action on your best ideas!

Select the best new ideas from your list or that arise in your quiet reflective moments and take action on them. Ideas only become useful when they are enacted, so continue acting daily on the best fresh new ideas you have invited into your awareness in this process.

13. Take a risk!

If you suspect you might be a good dancer, writer, or athlete, now's the time to find out! Try out for the dance troupe, the school paper, or the swim team. Afraid of not making the cut? The good news is, with so many extra-curricular activities to choose from, there's sure to be something that fits you-and the fun is in searching for it. Even better news: You might make the cut!

As you increase your creative flexibility, your actions will generate increasingly positive results working with this process.

Have a Happy WeEkend!


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