Monday, July 20, 2009

HP 6

As you all know, I’m a pretty big Harry Potter fan. Shut up.

But anyway, my friend and I went to the cinema earlier before the movie will start because I am not willing to wait for an hour for tickets just to sit in a cramped cinema, with some kid with a bad cold sitting beside me, trying to remind me of his existence (and the snot that’s flowing down his nose) every time he inhales. Eww. But really, I do not want to miss Harry Potter 6. I mean, as much as I’m a big fan. I didn't miss any movie from 1-5 at all.

But hey! I saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince the other day. I was shocked because there were less people in the cinema to watch the movie. Hmmm... it made me feel curious about it. Usually, every time HP movie will be showing, a lot of people and kids were lining up to bought tickets, and chairs inside the cinema are already full.

After watching the movie, honestly I didn’t like it . Aside from the laughs it gave in a number of scenes because of it’s humor, in spite of it’s 2 and a half hour showtime, it did not impress me much. In short, I didn’t like it! Yeah sure the effects were great but honestly I feel it was too shallow. Maybe because I was expecting too much.

But really, I was a fan of the books and I read them all (except the 7th book which I don't have it yet), I didn’t fell in love with the movie as much as I did with Transformers 2. I think most of the moviegoers agree with me in this. People were too silent after the last scene unfolded and the credits came out. Going out you can here them say “That’s it?” “That’s all?” “This is what I paid P90 for?” (Well, P90 for a movie here is yet really expensive for some people here in my place. Not everyone can afford it).

I felt guily for dragging my friend to watch HP movie. Though I know she's not fond of HP series, she still accompany me to watch it because she knows I'm fanatic to it. As the scenes gets sooo boring and boring, she always yawn and yawn and getting so sleepy which I am also doing it.

Well, it's okay since Ron Weasley was there to give humor to the audience. Some of the funny scenes are done with him and his new love affair.

Thus, the movie is soo ewww. and Corny. and a little bit of sad. 'beard man' Dumbledore is dead.


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NO CLASS due to "ahh(HiNi)"

It's been awhile since I last posted here in my blog.

Hmmm... what had happened to me. Maybe I just got busy on so many things that I already forgot I still have a Blog, short for web log which is my online diary or a journal.

Well anyways, moving along.... Today is Monday! and yeah, what a gloomy day today... it's cloudy outside and seems to rain.

I have NO classes today and for the rest of the week, which I almost forgot.

Remember a month ago, maybe 2 months ago? H1N1, or Swine Flu as it was called back then was a hot topic on the news. Mexico was ground zero for the swine flu. The USA was not far behind, with plenty of cases of Swine Flu showing up in many US States. There were many deaths in both the USA and Mexico.

These days, though, when I watch foreign news channels like CNN or others, H1N1 is rarely a topic any longer. However, the virus has not gone away. In fact, it seems to be getting even more widespread. The Philippines was one of the few H1N1 free countries in the early days of the Virus, but these days H1N1 seems to be spreading fast in my country! What the heck?

Now, the Philippine Department of Education is postponing classes in many Universities as a precaution toward stopping the spread of the H1N1 Virus. And yeah you guessed it. Our school is a victim of H1N1. Their are 8 cases in Xavier Highschool and reported recently 1 instructor has a swine flu in exact Xavier college where I'm studying.

Our school was the first one to suspend classes in Universities and schools in Cagayan de oro at the height of the Influenza AH1N1 virus issue.

Well well well... because I don't have classes for the rest of the week then maybe I can enjoy a lot spending here in our house relaxing and getting busy for my online shop. Hope you'll visit it soon!


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