Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Flood that Ravaged our City

A heavy rain that began Sunday morning caused a flash flood that spread to barangays in Cagayan de Oro and caused a power blackout. Several houses were submerged in water.

It seems that mother nature is quite tired already of people not hearing her cries...After the Cagayan de Oro River Flash Flood, now our City faced into another calamity.

It's another calamity that happened here in Cagayan de Oro for the second time around. Just last January 3 of this year, thousands of families were affected from flash floods. We thought that it was the last time but we were all wrong. Yesterday at around 3 am if I'm not mistaken the rain started to poured out so hard. When we all went to sleep on Saturday night(January 10, 2009) night, we noticed a different chill in the air. We woke on Sunday morning (January 11, 2009) with rain heavily pouring. We couldn't get out of the house mainly because the street was covered with water.

Well, yeah! News had been everywhere that made all of us here really very sad because our home place, are experiencing an unending rains pouring so hard which caused the flooding in almost 50% part of the place. So you bet there are a lot of houses splashed away and quite a number of bridges and rivers that overflowed. We do personally know a lot of friends and loved ones whose places have been flooded. Really, really devastating. Even our house has been overflowed; it was even elevated compared to the neighboring houses so imagine the place. I kept calling and texting my family abroad so that they would know our situation here in the Philippines. Too bad, they can't even do something for us.

Though the rain poured heavily, PP (my father) went to Carmen, to buy boots for us because the water already inside our house. PP was really brave enough to go out the house even though it is very cold outside and very impossible to ride jeepney (public utility vehicle). As he arrived home, he shared to us that he was shocked to have seen such terrible flooding which in his description was that, the roads and highways looked like rivers. A particular grocery store in Carmen and a College institution was already submerged with water. Hearing the news over the radio, 2 bridges somewhere in Opol, were distroyed and other Schools around the city had been flooded.

Another worst thing that we experieced was...Until---brownout!!! Oh my goodness! Not again.!
The rain last for a whole day and electricity went back I think, around 1am in Monday (January 12, 2009).

Even if that days was really 'something', I am still very happy that my family ( 2 elder brothers and our father) and I are still together and nothing bad happened to us. Actually, that particular day, as the rain poured very hard and wind blew hard, when I woke up early in the morning, I was very busy taking some photos for souvenir! lols! And also, my brother and I have some guts to eat some delicious ice cream and while we are very happy eating all together in the dining table, our thoughts had been everywhere, from wearing swimsuits to riding a jet ski and tour around the city. hahaha!

Lesson learned: While we are experiencing a bitterly cold temperature and an erratic weather 'round here, I am just thankful that we are not flooded of MAGMA or LAVA. lols!
Well, seriously, the lesson we got here is that, we must always be positive and look on the brighter side of the story. Just knowing that “this too shall pass”...Every Bad or tough times shall pass in our lives.

I hope you all are well in this bittersome times!


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Yummy Sunday #2

Leche flan is a favourite and popular dessert in the Philippines. It is similar to a cream caramel. It is sweet and rich. Leche flan is a must during Christmas, New Year and fiestas.

I always thought leche flan was completely over the top on the sweetness scale and it is the food I most associate with my favorite Visayan word that describes food – “ngilngig” which translates to something like “too rich,” a “tooth tingler,” “too sweet” or something along those lines.

Like any other popular dish, there are many variations in making leche flan, but the classic recipe only calls for eggyolk, sugar, evaporated milk, condensed milk and citrus flavourings. Steaming is the traditional method for cooking leche flan, and is usually prepared in an oval shaped metal pans called Llanera and steamed over moderate heat until set.

It takes a while to master the techniques and perfected this recipe but it is worth it.


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