Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ohhh my GOD I'm loving it. Im free!!
my final exams was finished, and one word came out from my mouth "HORRaahhyy". :D

It’s been a while, and I thought this might be a good time to write in my blog.

My last 4 months has been used for school for finishing everything, and preparing for our final exam.

So, today, uhm I mean just last Saturday I finished my last exam, which went pretty well.

Yeah!!!....I'm so happy today, because I just finished my final exams and now I can have more time to concentrate my blog. Actually I have 2 months holiday, so my plan is to spend the next few weeks catching up with some things that has been left behind. But since I have to attend summer classes for a month, means only a month would be my holiday. HMmmm.. Whatever! I want to go anywhere, I'm just so..sooo uber happy...yeah......what should I do for a month? blogging???LOL!

I wish I could go somewhere! Travel! Yeah travel!! Be exposed and have fun!
But well, maybe I can't do this on this summer season...I would rather reserved this traveling adventure for next year! Yes! Right! Summer travel celebration will be next year! I'm pretty sure I will have lots of stories to tell you...

Well, that's about it for now.


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WW - It's not what you think it is

Oh...soO you thought it's that BIG right? I wish it was. But my 'naughty' father put it in my door. I just noticed it early this morning. Well, maybe I just noticed this now because it was tooo small to get noticed!

I wonder when was the time he puts this in my door... hmmm...


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NO internet at HOme

Can you believe it,I made it through a weekend and whole soo boring days without the Internet at home.?

Well, we do have internet at home, DSL actually. But due to unforseen circumstances, I'm left with no internet started days ago till yesterday. I'm used of 'always' having an internet connection at home, so it will be pretty good to have. But on those days without internet or cable televison and given that I'm relatively bored, I entertained myself by borrowing DVD's (pirated DVD's ssshhhh keep quiet! lols!) from my friends. Thanks to my uber thoughtful friends! I have to say, I'm quite happy with it and how my addiction to movies have come a long way.

Yah! It's a lot, I know...

But you know what? Having NO internet at home is somewhat awesome.

The good things about having no Internet at home:

More sleep
No late nights writing and surfing when, really, I could have been sleeping.

Better sleep
I went to bed with a clear brain, rather than being overstimulated from ingesting a lot of useless information.

More peace
Oh yeah...I love getting to that point where I have to figure out what to do because I can't suck away my time online. It feels scary, and awesome...

But hey! Don't get me wrong! I mentioned that having NO internet is 'somewhat' awesome but what I just mean is I CAN'T SURVIVE having No internet. All year round or worse, forever!

Thank God we have it back!!! I'm uber Happy~~ *_^


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