Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stressful week

This post is going to be so random following the pattern set by my previous posts. It would also be a deliberate display of stupidity as one may put it. One big trash entrusted to the rest of the world.

1:15 in the morning. and I'm still up. I haven’t finished studying…I have three remaining exams this week.

I was supposed to be writing about something…But since this window took a lot of time to load realized that it was plain rubbish not worth typing.

Am I happy? Obviously I am not. Am I worried? I sure am. As always.

As I have mentioned, I am far from being done with the tasks whose difficulties I failed to estimate correctly. I have asked myself a lot of times already how long it would actually take me to learn proper time management. And after contemplating for almost half the day, obviously there is just no way I will be learning my lesson soon. Of course this is unless one swift blow to the head gets my mind unhinged ironically setting my thinking straight.


Have a stressful week to every college students like me! lols!


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