Monday, March 30, 2009

R.O.S rain on summer?

A welcome respite from the intensifying March summer heat, earlier this afternoon is greeted with pouring rain.

Did I just say rain? what the heck!

Well, it is just very unusual when it rains during summer. But this phenomenon is currently happening in my country.

Having occasional rainfalls during summer isn't really new but it's also not common. Some said that these rains of the summer is the effect of the rapidly changing atmosphere of the planet earth. Some are saying that this is normal and happens once in awhile. Well, for some it's ok and some find it annoying.

Actually, for me it is very okay. In a sense that I enjoy the cool air we missed during this season and yes! I almost forgot, I had always been thinking watering our plants. Since our plants over here is almost dead because of the heat of the sun and also! My mother had always been reminding me to do this kind of chore even before she left abroad. She just love plants so much! specially orchids!

But heaven just soo good to do the chore for me. Now I'm pretty sure our plants will not be dead terribly as they have already sipped much water they need to.

To my mother: 'Hello ma! Your plants are not yet all dead. Well, some of them are. But don't worry they've been taking care of themselves even without my help lols. You see they are still healthy! Here is one of your fave.'


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