Sunday, December 28, 2008

weLcome to the Christian wOrld Lil' pRince.!

The christening of a baby is a great cause for celebration as the church welcomes in a new member of the family.

On this day, I had the privilege to photograph the christening of a special young man. Some of you may know him from a post featured on my blog. His name is AJ and he is truly a man of God - at 3 yrs. of age. This Sunday morning, my family and the family of AJ's mom gathered for a special ceremony at St. Nicolas chapel somewhere here in our place and it was beautiful though it was a 'Mass Baptism ceremony'. The laughter, love, and joy was overflowing from the moment the ceremony started and it never stopped pouring out of the hearts of everyone there.

The father(my elder brother A) asked me to photograph the ceremony but I got a little tired and captured only few images of the entire day. So, here’s a few favorites that I thought you would enjoy. Have a blessed and empowered week and remember to never stop having faith to Him.

Our little buddy getting christened.

At the reception

They 'murdered' our family name.. It should be 'GOMEZ! not GomeSSSS *smug*

Proud grandparents. My father (beside my 'tower' brother) is very happy..

At the end of the day, we were very happy and that moment is memorable for us and to our lil prince AJ...

oOps! I would also like to thank the presence of my gOod buds/pals/friends (H, L, N) for coming around. They add color to this wonderful day. It was really fun having them!


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Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is thE seAson to be jOlly... falalalala lalalalaaahhh!

Aah, Christmas time...!

The air is filled with merry tunes, cool breeze, happiness, and love once again. And what’s
more satisfying than listening to children's Christmas carols, tasting Mom’s favorite dishes
and delicacies (though my mother is not here with us in the Philippines) , or shopping for the perfect gifts for the perfect people?

Christmas is one of my all time favorite Holidays! It’s the season where we get to spend
quality time with our loved ones and friends. These days, we get to take a break from loads
of nerve-wracking homework, buy new sets of clothes, shoes, and stuff! Just writing in our
long Christmas wish list gives us a sense of fulfillment. It may sound materialistic, but we
can’t help it. After all, what fun it brings receiving a gift from someone close to us? Who
wouldn’t agree? *wink*

In the Philippines, Christmas season begins on the 16th of December and ends on the first Sunday of January which is the Feast of the Epiphany (The Three Kings). It is quite different from the other countries of the world, it is the longest of the Philippine festivities stretching for over 3 weeks. This makes the Filipino Christmas celebration one of the longest Christmas season in the world.

Christmas always brings back memories from childhood. Food is always a part of these memories. Many families have their own food traditions that are recreated every year. This year's Christmas Eve my family would prepare wonderful meals such as hamonada - made especially by our special chef who is my brother, fried chicken, fruit salad, mango float, spaghetti, sinugbang (grilled) fish and pork.

I have the list of our recipes. I really like it! Seems like a child wrote this, but actually it's me...

not all the recipes listed here is cooked...

Each of us in the house is very busy preparing for the Christmas Eve...

Brother J, passed his talent in making yummy spag to me...

Brother M is cooking AJ's favorite - fried chiCken.

Pp and brother J is very busy outside the house...

Though each of us is very busy, our little prince is already bored waiting for the food to be served...

Our food for the Noche Buena.!

Who wants a yummy mango float? I made this.!

or an appetizer like the fruit salad with buko?

Want some yummy smiling spag?

AJ's all time favorite fried chicKen...

This is the Sinugbang pOrk and Fish...

and Christmas would not be extra special without our all time favorite dish - the HAmoNada.!

DeCember 24 and 25, 2008... sPending the yuletide season with my family...Soo sad, my mother, favorite sister and kuya is not here with us in the Philippines...

Christmas Eve is a special time, because it is a reminder of what Christmas is all about – celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On this Christmas day we spend the day relaxing and eating.

Christmas has always been the happiest time of the year. And let’s all celebrate that
special event of our lives by sharing the joy and spreading the love to our friends, family,
and loved ones.

I wish all my blog friends a joyful, peaceful & prosperous 2009.


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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My NiecE.

P, my niece, is celebrating her birthday today December 23, 2008. She turns 5 today - wow, time flies by! She is the eldest child of our eldest sibling, G. She’s also the eldest among my pamangkin - niece/nephew. She lives in Dubai, too bad she's too far away from us. We can't give her any presents but we still love her very much!

Happy Birthday to our adorable, pretty and smart baby P! We love you very much here in the Philippines. Your parents are very lucky to have you, your an angel sent from above to us.

Love Lots,
Aunt yanix


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Sunday, December 21, 2008

OuR Christmas TreE

It’s Christmas season once again. As usual we are so excited putting up our Christmas tree since my elder brothers are coming home for Christmas. Our Christmas celebration is not complete without a Christmas tree. When I was young and we don’t have enough money to buy expensive trees, my mother will just buy a commercial tree in the market made out simply from a real tree, tree branches without any leaves painted with cream color or green and looks like a tree at the dead of winter. My elder sister calls it 'skeletal tree' or 'poor man's tree' . My mother will just place simple decorations by my help, where we also place our little gifts under the Christmas tree.

As I we’re growing up, our first real “Christmas tree” was a 3-ft tree. I called it real Christmas tree for it was once of the usual trees we see. We’re so excited to hang Christmas balls and bells on our little tree.

Then, this year we put up our 5 feet, 4 year old Christmas tree. My good elder sister bought it about 4 years ago (i think). Well, since our little prince (my nephew) can now appreciate the beauty of a Christmas tree, he is the one who always kept on reminding us to put up the 'huge' tree as he calls it.

AJ boy is very happy that his wish has been granted.

Setting up a Christmas tree made me happy, it add more light, joy and happiness in this yuletide season...


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At last it's Here!

At last! For how many months, weeks, days, hours and minutes we've been waiting for this things to arrive, now, we already have it! Thank God!
Actually we're really too excited to watch the video and pictures during the wedding of my kuya last August 16, 2008.
If kuya never called here in our house, then probably until now, this stuffs would not arrive here...
May you enjoy watching this pictures!

Super HARD bound photo album..It weigh more than 5 kilos! Heavy enough to throw it in the head at your enemy! lols!

What's inside?

The Book, video and the pictures!

We really had fun watching the pictures and was soo amazed from what's inside the super hard bound photo album but we got pissed from the video! We can't finish it because it was too damaged and over used.! How crazy...


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Since I don't have any idea what would be my topic for this day, then I would probably share some photos showing the stuff given to me by my friend who is miles away from here. I thought he'd forget about me yet 'someone' still remembers me and I'm happy for it.

Here it is...

A closer look...

See? it's actually for me!


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...I'm Aware...

I wrote this entry 5 years ago...
While reading this recently, I felt my heart would burst out that I could barely remember things what really had happen before.
It seems that I've been badly hurt in that time...
But no worries at this present time because I'm suppeeerrr happy in my life
and I'm happy that we're friends...
Now, please enjoy reading this entry as I did so...

Remember the lines that go: “I’m aware…I’m in love but you don’t care?” Yep, you guessed it, my binding theme for this entry.

Honestly, I was quite hesitant to write about this because I feel quite strongly about the said lines. I didn’t want to trash it or do it such vile injustice. But I also thought a lot of people would more or less relate to this topic because I guess at some point they had once “loved” a person who seemed to be utterly clueless and oblivious to the his or her affection. The one-sided phenomenon.

When you think you’ve fallen for someone, the only thing that seems to matter is for that person to approximately reciprocate the way you feel for him or her. You make that person like you. But sometimes that making-him-like-me process can be so excruciating! It’s always a load of mind games and the over-analysis of things. Especially if you’re like me who tends to shred everything into bits, every minute detail, nothing is spared. I view this so-called process as a challenge but sometimes, challenges aren’t so fun anymore when the goal is too out of sight and out of reach. It’s like quicksand. The more you struggle, the more you sink. It’s standing on shaky ground, or in this case, no ground at all. No one’s going to catch you. Maybe it’s only for the stalwart-hearted and the strong-willed soul.
But in end, who enjoys pursuing someone who doesn’t seem to give a damn? Who enjoys being hurt all too often? We reach a point where self-love enters the picture. We could choose to continue but we know we shouldn’t. Maybe it’s time to realize that not everything goes the way we it to regardless of how persistent we are.

I’m in love w/ a person whom i knew for a long time but he doesn’t care. Maybe he does care. But not enough. Maybe he does find me wonderful and fun and nice. But not enough. And perhaps, he does like me. But not enough. It’s not enough for him to let down his guard, to take a step closer. And knowing with all that was said, that nothing is enough, I should find in that enough reason to slowly let go. That I do deserve someone better. With love along with all its stupidity and beauty, there comes a point where I realize I don’t want to listen to sad love songs, or watch drippy movies, or read schmaltzy stories, I want the real thing not a mere reflection of it. So there, it’s time to stop. Stop not because I’m hurting, not because I’m sad, not because I’m scared.BUT because I LOVE. More.


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Saturday, December 20, 2008

GiVe me Five

5 years ago, I wrote something for someone in my journal...

5 months ago, that 'someone' went miles away from here...

5 days ago, that 'someone' gave me something which I thought he already forget about me,.

5 minutes earlier, my phone rang and I noticed it was an international call... we talked happily, like we used to and 'someone' said asked me if I miss him...Duh? ofcourse I do! we're friends ayt???


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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


3 days ago, papa and my kuya bought a new webcam so that our relatives abroad would see our (weird) ever-changing faces since we're growing and growing everyday. (Not to mention, one of my elder brother is growing big, fatter and fatter lol!)
Anyway, I really had fun watching and touching our new pc camera because it is shiny and so flexible! It's like a robot!

Here it is!

See? It starts to Bend its bOdy!!

Now, its facing me!
It's Going Doooown! Bowing its head...How cute!

And the most awaited part is... tentenenten...
It only lights in the day every time it's been touched and when night falls

Now, meet my Pc CaMera named 'WeBBy'!


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