Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Scavenger Hunt : CHIPPED

This Week's Theme: Chipped

These are chipped sea shells.

My mother gave this to me some years ago. I think more than 5 years already.

This shells came from one of the provinces here in the Philippines which is in LEYTE. She went there for a short vacation and this is her pasalubong or souvenir for me as she came back here in our place.

My mother knows how I love to collect things a lot such as stamps, stationery, etc. And she also knows that I'd love to make some creative stuffs like making my-own-style bracelets or earrings.

I always had plan to use this shells in making such fashionable-creative stuffs but it ended up stuck in the Tupperware where I put them.

Yes, I know there nice and very pretty shells but I don't have any time even to make one.

But I'm glad and amazed that when I open the Tupperware earlier, it's still the way how it looks just like I saw this some years ago.


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Longing for a Change

I found a contest in the wonderful blog of Maggie’s Mind.

Hope I will win because I've been longing for a change in my blog design. I believe in her creativeness because I love the design of her blog and also she's even nominated for the 2008 Okie Blog Awards for best looking blog!


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