Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting Back on Track

It’s been a while since I posted on the blog. I try to do it a couple times a week but life has been hectic. Normally as it heads towards New Year, life slows down in Dubai and the UAE where I am in as of the present time.

Blogging is like going to the gym. If you get into a routine, then writing becomes automatic. But if you neglect your routine then it can be hard getting back into the groove of things.

There are so many things to write about so I better go get started!


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Turning 21: A milestone



TURNING 21...Today is the day I turn twenty one!
I've gone pretty far, but it's only begun!

Education, Employment and Friends and Love too???
Oh my, what wonders lie ahead for me?

Maybe I should be good and true and always do the best,
and I know I'll be please to see what life has in store for me!!!


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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's tough. Really!

When you first discover you have an allergy, it can be devastating. Suddenly, you can’t eat all the food you want. Suddenly, going out for food with friends becomes complicated, as does being invited as a guest at someone’s home for a meal.

Depending on what you’re allergic to, this could also affect going out into buildings (house full of mold? I’m out of there!) and traveling (they mostly eat wheat? My gluten allergy says I’ll starve there!)

But what I'm posting write now are some actual pictures and thoughts every time I have an allergy attack.

And the story goes...Later this afternoon, I went to our campus to get my grades, where there was student outbreak. School is very crowded and before you can get your grade and be officially enrolled, you'll first encounter this stuffs. Bad breath, collision of students and worst, be bumped and to have skin to skin contact on sweaty (dirty,smelly) skins of students.
Ha ha.

Maybe, that was the start of everything as what I'm suffering right now. I don't know if that really is the reason or I just ate something.

Wikipedia explained allergy described as a malfunction of the human immune system causing a violent reaction. To develop allergic symptoms, one must first be exposed to the specific allergen for some time to build up the allergic sensitivity, and then once more to trigger the allergic reaction. Environmental factors, such as smoking and pollution, will also add to the risk.

As I have guessed maybe that's the reason. I've been exposed to a polluted environment earlier, plus with the weather which was not so good, it's really windy, and that add to more polluted air.

Here are actual pictures. I took it around 8pm this evening.

It started on my arms then....

on my neck, ears and all over my body.

Well anyway, so much for looking on those pictures. Let's move on.
Though that is my wildest guess that my allergy is triggered because of polluted environment.
I still have more bigger problem, I have food allergies. Sad to say.

Here are the things that I, with food allergies want you all to know and what I want to be treated somehow:

1. I long to be included. I would like to look, act and eat like everyone else. I’d like to buy my lunch and sit wherever I want. I know I can’t, but I am so happy inside when someone cares enough to provide a safe food for me. It’s nice when I can have something similar to what others are eating but I love it when I can eat the same thing as everyone else. Whenever it’s possible, please think to include me.

2. I’m scared I could die from my food allergies. I’ve heard my parents especially my father mention “life-threatening” food allergies and I remember having some reactions like this (as what you see in the picture) where I felt really scared.Sometimes, I could use a little reassurance that I will be okay.

3. I feel like I’m the only one sometimes. I would really like to know that I am not the only person who has food allergies. Having another friend with food allergies in my classroom or at lunch time helps too.

4. I get confused when someone offers me food. I know I’m supposed to be polite,but I am only supposed to take food that's safe for me. When you offer me food or especially Shrimp Pasta, Shrimp-Scampi Pizza or Lobster Pineapple Curry
, I’d like to take it but I’m not sure about what I am supposed to do with it. Hehe

5. I get itchy spots sometimes when my nephew kiss me after they’ve eaten something I’m allergic to. I get itchy spots. If you have just eaten something that I’m allergic to, I may get hives if you kiss me soon afterward. So please don't dare. Hehe

6. I’m embarrassed when people fuss over what I’m eating. I know I have to eat my own safe food, but it’s easier for me when I’m not singled out. Sometimes, it’s embarrassing when my close friends especially when we're eating anywhere else ask lots of questions. I feel like I'm in the hot seat. I love to fit in more than anything.

7. I hear some people talk about my food allergies. My ears perk up when I hear people mention my name or food allergies, so don’t pity me or act terrified because then I get scared. Food allergies are just one part of me. Let me overhear you talk about all the other wonderful things about me!

8. Sometimes I’m sad about having food allergies. I know it’s not the end of the world, but from my perspective, it’s tough at times.

9. I will do about as well as you do. My “can-do” attitude will help me cope with the challenges of living with allergies and ensure that food allergies don’t stop me from being everything I was meant to be!

By the way! I just drink my medicine. So, don't worry, I'm okay now.! Hehe


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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This is what I call 'A DREAM COME TRUE'. I really love everything about Hello Kitty ever since! I just remembered the day which was decade ago that my elder sister bought plenty Hello Kitty collections for me from Japan. I'm glad to have a photo taken in all the pink stuffs surrounding me! (Don't mind my friend included in the picture! lols)

See what others aren’t saying at the WW Hub.


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Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, as of AUGUST 19 2009, I am officially by the laws of science, twenty years old.!

Well, I had an incredible birthday yesterday! I still can't believe I'm not a teenager anymore. I feel so OLD, like all of a sudden I need to turn into this wholly self-sufficient, responsible human being, and let me tell you, I am far, well not too far from that.

Yesterday, something momentous happened: I turned 20. Bye bye teenage years. Years that I can say I was not able to enjoy to the fullest. I was busy following my parents instructions and staying at home. 20 is an important age. When your twenty years old your practically an adult...

My friend, whose birthday falls a month before mine, also turned 20. She and I joked about how we have successfully eliminated the danger of teenage pregnancy and laughed about how old we felt. But underneath my smile, I felt a little terrified.

Twenty. The first digit of my age has changed. I am now closer to 40 than to zero.It’s not that I suddenly feel old, but it’s that I am suddenly acutely aware of the expectation for me to act my age, to mature into a confident, composed adult. And that expectation is one of the scariest things I can imagine.

To me, adulthood brings to mind a scattering of random ideas and concepts. I think the thing to do is to spend less time contemplating the process of growing up and more time simply living life. Maybe being an adult means not thinking about what it means to be an adult.

When I was a teenager, one of my biggest fears was never talked about by my parents or teachers or friends. It was the fear of writing the first five words of this paragraph -- "when I was a teenager.

No one warns you that you might develop a fear of turning 20. As a child, my birthday was my favorite day of the year and I would count the days leading up to it with joyful anticipation.
Teenage birthdays bring a special thrill. In United States of America, at Sweet Sixteen you can get your driver's license. At 17 you are able to see R-rated movies. At 18 you can vote, legally declare independence from your parents, sign forms on your own, buy cigarettes.

Then comes 20. You aren't really an adult yet, but after seven long years, suddenly you are no longer a teenager either. You are in your -- yikes -- 20s.

Many people enter their 20s having no long-term goals. I had plenty. But then I turned 20, and I still didn't know how to change a tire or start a fire. I could barely cook or sew. I understood very little about government and politics. I didn't know how to straighten or curling my hair or put on eyeliner. I didn't know CPR. I couldn't imagine raising a child.

As I watch friend after friend approach the big two-oh, I realize this is a widespread fear. All we want is to turn 21 until we realize we're about to lose our teenage years.

Yesterday, my friends give me a surprise celebration in our school. One of my friends knew about how I feel hating about AUGUST 19 to come. But she shared to me her first step toward acceptance was changing the name of the dreaded year to "twenteen." That way it doesn't seem quite so scary. lols!

My 20th birthday came and went, and once I'd made it past the big day, I realized that nothing was different at all. I was still a college student who was financially dependent on her parents. I was still a minor when it came to alcohol. No one's expectations for me had changed.
Still, I'm pleased to be only 20 and to know you're reading what I have to say, even if I can't celebrate with a glass of wine.

Cheers to COCA COLA! ^_^


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

One of the Best

Yesterday was one of the best days ever happened in my life, I remember seeing my long time crush after a very long time, and being lucky enough to have had a conversation with him. As we were talking, I was thinking to myself, “Oh, ok. He’s still the same person I like before...but I don’t remember why I was so obsessed with him (Just don't mine the word 'obsessed' I wrote here). I wonder what made him stand out from all the rest?" At that moment when he approached me, we had an eye to eye contact, and I melted. It all came back to me in a sudden rush of emotions and recollections of kilig moments: this guy had the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen in my life.

Though I was hesitated whether I should meet him up or not, at last I chose to meet up with him. I have had mixed feelings for the whole day.When I see him, I realized that actually we were no longer like what we used to be. I tried to maintain my composure and holding back my feelings towards him. He took me to a fine dining restaurant inside the mall and he knew that I missed the ice cream which we had before (way back a very long time ago). Having the ice cream from that place did create some unwanted feelings. That's nothing I could do that time.

While having our dinner, he always talks and talks and share about his experiences and his life in abroad. I do the nodding and agreed and go with the flow with his stories. I just don't understand why he's always staring at me at those moments. I would admit that I missed those times that I had with him, more chatting and stories to share with each other.

At the middle of our dinner, since I was busy texting, he grabbed my phone and read the message, I was shocked and totally jumped from my sit trying to get back my phone, then in the midst of nowhere, a tragic thing happened, I heard a break of a glass... krrrkkksssshhhh.! tugshhhh.! The bottle of a hot sauce fell down and I broke it, the sauce scattered in the floor. I was really scared and really wants to go home immediately. On that moment I saw him felt guilty for grabbing my phone because if he didn't do such thing, I would not react that way and did a clumsy thing. Whew, at least the management didn't let us pay for the bottle of a hot sauce.

After the dinner, we roamed around the mall. He bought some stuffs and we did chat a lot and I'm happy at least he's still the same fun, humorous, jolly and very talkative person I knew. He's always asking me if how is my life here and many more. Previously, his moves really torturing me and I had a feeling of being alienated. But I still pretty enjoy the whole process with him. And I'm also happy at least I can spend some valuable time with him before he's leaving back in abroad again.

He sent me home later in the evening, I felt really secured. It was a long journey and I really appreciate what he did. I know that I had let go of my former crush and I do hope that we can still be friends just as what we are right now. I will cherish all the good times we've had and for sure he will remain in my heart for a long long time as my friend. Thanks a lot my dear friend until the next time I see you again! ;-)


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WW - iiiiit's Bath Time!!


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