Thursday, July 30, 2009

One of the Best

Yesterday was one of the best days ever happened in my life, I remember seeing my long time crush after a very long time, and being lucky enough to have had a conversation with him. As we were talking, I was thinking to myself, “Oh, ok. He’s still the same person I like before...but I don’t remember why I was so obsessed with him (Just don't mine the word 'obsessed' I wrote here). I wonder what made him stand out from all the rest?" At that moment when he approached me, we had an eye to eye contact, and I melted. It all came back to me in a sudden rush of emotions and recollections of kilig moments: this guy had the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen in my life.

Though I was hesitated whether I should meet him up or not, at last I chose to meet up with him. I have had mixed feelings for the whole day.When I see him, I realized that actually we were no longer like what we used to be. I tried to maintain my composure and holding back my feelings towards him. He took me to a fine dining restaurant inside the mall and he knew that I missed the ice cream which we had before (way back a very long time ago). Having the ice cream from that place did create some unwanted feelings. That's nothing I could do that time.

While having our dinner, he always talks and talks and share about his experiences and his life in abroad. I do the nodding and agreed and go with the flow with his stories. I just don't understand why he's always staring at me at those moments. I would admit that I missed those times that I had with him, more chatting and stories to share with each other.

At the middle of our dinner, since I was busy texting, he grabbed my phone and read the message, I was shocked and totally jumped from my sit trying to get back my phone, then in the midst of nowhere, a tragic thing happened, I heard a break of a glass... krrrkkksssshhhh.! tugshhhh.! The bottle of a hot sauce fell down and I broke it, the sauce scattered in the floor. I was really scared and really wants to go home immediately. On that moment I saw him felt guilty for grabbing my phone because if he didn't do such thing, I would not react that way and did a clumsy thing. Whew, at least the management didn't let us pay for the bottle of a hot sauce.

After the dinner, we roamed around the mall. He bought some stuffs and we did chat a lot and I'm happy at least he's still the same fun, humorous, jolly and very talkative person I knew. He's always asking me if how is my life here and many more. Previously, his moves really torturing me and I had a feeling of being alienated. But I still pretty enjoy the whole process with him. And I'm also happy at least I can spend some valuable time with him before he's leaving back in abroad again.

He sent me home later in the evening, I felt really secured. It was a long journey and I really appreciate what he did. I know that I had let go of my former crush and I do hope that we can still be friends just as what we are right now. I will cherish all the good times we've had and for sure he will remain in my heart for a long long time as my friend. Thanks a lot my dear friend until the next time I see you again! ;-)



UPrinting on July 31, 2009 at 2:43 PM said...

That's nice, at least even now that you're older you still appreciate the things that made you like him in the first place. Glad you remain friends up to now :)

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