Thursday, January 22, 2009

How would you spend YOUR weekend?

Here's How NOT to Spend Your Weekend

1. Go to an event more than an hour late “because it won’t start on time anyway.” Arrive just in time” just in time to find out you’ve already missed the two bands you really wanted to watch live again.

2. Stay at the event, because it wouldn’t be polite to leave. Have a t-shirt thrown right at you by the vocalist of a local band, and in the process of NOT attempting to catch it, have hysterical fan girls do serious damage to your eardrums and make you fear for your precious life.

3. Sleep until lunchtime, “because you deserve it.” Wake up with a headache that makes you want to smash your head against the nearest hard surface. Decide that you’ll feel better when you sleep again.

4. Wake up to an empty stomach and an even worse headache. Drag yourself out of bed. Grumble. Then get cranky because there’s nobody to grumble to but yourself.

5. Run errands: withdraw money, pay bills, pick up laundry, do groceries. Do all of these in all your sabog glory” pambahay clothes, with zero makeup and messy hair, because you were too lazy to fix yourself up. Pray you don’t bump into The Cute Guy Who Lives In Your NeighbOrhood.

6. Watch 'The Notebook' and wonder why you don’t even feel close to crying. Wonder what this implies about your emotional capacity, or lack thereof.

7. Buy a stash of junk food that’s supposed to last for one whole week, then proceed to consume everything in a matter of hours. Feel guilty after.

8. Buy a gorgeous, gorgeous black and white satin dress five minutes after promising yourself that you are “just window-shopping.” Feel guilty after.

9. Go to a coffee shop with your laptop to get some work done, then end up surfing the Net and going to all these useless sites. Feel guilty after.

10. To be With friends, in a place you love without asking permission to your parents or guardian. And end up waiting in the front door of the house until morning.

11. Watching endless episodes of Ugly Betty, thus, making you realize afterward how ugly you are having eye bags because of watching the television the whole time.

12. Sick. So sick you can't do anything except lie on the couch and moan while an entire trailer full of people attempt to both stay out of your way and help you, while also attempting to have a good time themselves.

13. Write lists like this one and think, “This should make a good blog entry.” Realize that you are one big hopeless dork. Sulk.



sweetytots on January 23, 2009 at 10:53 AM said...

hi Yanix,

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sweetytots on January 23, 2009 at 10:54 AM said...

oh.. and I hope you can input links to my sites when you do write the post.. thanks!

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