Friday, April 3, 2009

Dream Destinations

It’s still summertime! Summer is the most wonderful time of the year, (as I always say) don’t you think? It’s the time when we can do anything we want. One of the main reasons why I love summer is it’s the best time to T-R-A-V-E-L, one of my favorite things to do! But unfortunately this summer season is NOT the best time to travel because I'm having my summer classes and the fact that the world is struggling for financial crisis these days. This summer, if I had the resources to travel as much as I want to, I would gladly visit these wonderful places:

Santorini, Greece
Just look at that spectacular view. Imagine sitting on the steps and facing that blue ocean. Wouldn’t that be paradise? I first fell in love with Santorini when I watched the Sisterhood of Traveling pants. I love how it’s so different from the city. Their culture is definitely unique and their surroundings are just a breath of fresh air. I would do anything to go there and bring my friends with me, too. Now that would be an awesome summer.

Amanpulo, Palawan
Three words: TO DIE FOR. I once watched an episode in television and the host was in that place together with co-hosts and they said that everything they spent for was worth it. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, this is the place to go. And the best part is it’s right here in the Philippines. Just look at that crystal blue water and that white sand. Who wouldn’t love to relax in that?

Tokyo, Japan
Together with my mother and father, we visited Japan during the summer of 2001 and it was one of my fondest memories as a child because it was such a blast. we went there to attend the graduation of my elder sister, and on those days that we've been there, I experienced going to places I've never been to such as entering their huge malls and meeting 'weird' Japanese faces in the train lols!. and We went to Tokyo Disneyland (which is probably the biggest theme park in the planet), . We always had somewhere to go to and it was FUN.

4. Paris, France
Paris will always be at the top of my list! I just want to stand in front of the Eiffel Tower and have my picture taken. I want to visit the Louvre and see the ever famous Mona Lisa. I want to try out their delicious food and just immerse myself in true Parisian culture. Going on an adventure and seeing how these Europeans live is always fun. And it’s Paris, you know? Need I say anything more?

5. Sydney, Australia
It’s time to move down South and see what Sydney has to offer. I had never been in Australia but soon I will eventually land in that place. It is such a beautiful place. As I've red in the internet Darling Harbour is intended to be one of Sydney's "buzz" places ( pronounced by Australians as DAH-LING HA-BOH) is my next destination if I will land there because it is just so vibrant, so full of life and energy, even at night. And lastly, I would like to watch a concert in the Sydney Opera House though I'm not fond of anything theatrical but Sydney is definitely a beautiful place and I would love to go.

Talking about all these places makes me want to visit them so bad. I just love experiencing new and exciting things, especially in another country and culture! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that next year I'm having the best time of my life and it’s going to be one of these places! I hope you have an awesome summer, filled with wonderful memories! Cheers to the most wonderful time of the year! :)



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UPrinting Reviews on April 23, 2009 at 12:10 PM said...

Woah... the pictures are breathtaking..simply because those are the places I wanna go too. =)

Color Printing on June 20, 2009 at 11:01 AM said...

I'd love to visit Japan too! That's my dream place because I love almost everything from Japan. I'd also love to visit France, Italy (because of the food!) Palawan, and of course, Boracay. :)

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