Saturday, January 17, 2009

He's My Type of Guy

This is a candid piece for a meme that I got in CandyQ blog. I find it very interesting and feel like finding out for myself.

Feel free to grab and let me know how it turns out.

1. Suplado = There is an air of mystery around this type of guy. Thus, will attract me at first but after a while, it gets tiring to deal with an unduly enlarged ego.

2. Mr. Shades = Yes, if he had some really cool shades that definitely suits him then, racks up points with me.!

3. Masculado = TOo much muscles??? Nahhh.. It turns me Off. For me, tOO much riPpling muscles is soo grose! I prefer fit and healthy.

4. Guys who give flowers = If it's from someone I know and like, I'd feel flattered. But if strangers , I might just throw it away. Nah! Just kidding. I will put it in my altar rather than throwing it away.

5. Smiling face = People like friendly faces better. So if you want to connect with me, just flash those pearly whites.! *wink*

6. Hiphop = Nope! I really dOn't like 'HIp-Hop' guys! They're nOt 'hiP' For my eyes!

7. Guys who ask permission before courting = Sometimes its irritating when a guy asks...but I think they just really want to be respectful...Either way, or they just need reassurance...! But OfCourse! It's better to be upfront with your intentions rather than doing things like a thief.!

8. Has earring/s = A Very Big NO NO! I think guys with pierced ear(s) too grungy and "dirty rebel" looking for me. No offense to those who have some form of piercings!

9. Used to chew bubblegum = Nope! I would surely think he's like a Goat! BBBLLEEEAAAATTTTTT!

10. Long-hair = Huh?! If we're together, people would get confused who's the girl or the boy.

11. Bald = Hey, an article said that bald men have more sex appeal. So, why not? lols!

12. Antipatiko = I'm a snob girl sOmetimes and I do sOmetimes like guys who are sNob just like me.

13. Torpe = To call a man torpe means he does not know how to court a girl, is playing innocent, or does not know she also has an affection for him. For me, he's just being non sense. Express your feelings men! all Ayt?

14. Computer-games addict = Computer Addiction is a PROBLEM! Now, he cOuld be my pRoblem!

15. Basketball player = Basketball, soccer, tennis, badminton, swimming, even yoga, ballet. or gymnastics. Anything that reeks of sports is super dupeer Fine with me!

16. Mr. Count-my-ex’s-till-you-drop = If I am just going to end up as another one of his statistics, FORGET IT!

17. Mestizo = Yup. I easily get turn On to fair-colored guys. I also like, Chinitos!

18. Guys who sing well = Yes! I want him to sing for me over and over again, till he drop! lols!

19. Quiet/tame = Quiet can be restful. But too much quietness is very bOoring! Tame? Do guys are tame animals? lols!

20. Cum laude = Some other girls said, they get intimidated to guys who's super smart and brilliant. But me? I love hanging around with guys who's smart and good conversationalist like me. Aherrrms...

21. Formal = I seem to be comfortable with a guy in semi-formal attire. But I am surely comfortable to be with a guy who has a Formal attitude!

22. Friendly = oFcourse! Friendly But nOt Flirty!

23. Mr. I have an opinion about anything & everything = GoOdness gracious! Mr. Know-it-All would end up turning me Off!

24. Motorcycle guy = Sounds Cool and HOT but nO thank you! I dOn't want to have an accident and Died at a very yOung age!

26. Rocker = No. Rock music gives me headAche and makes me cRy.!

27. Skate boarder = Tony Hawk? iS that yOu?. You'RE cOOl But I don't have a plan to have a Future, FRActured Boyfriend!

28. Alaskador (prankster) = It's normal to do and act craZy stuffs to others but toO much fOr me, it's just toO immature.

29. Flirt = Only to me!

30. Mr. Campus Crush = A lOt of girls get attracted to this kind of guy and For me, I seemingly dOn't like toO many girls yelling for hiM. But if MR. CAmpus Crush likes GiRL next Door (me), then, it's another story! lols!

31. Bigotilyo = A definite no-no for me!

32. Painter = Oh, an artist? Like me? hehe. Never had a date who was one. But possessing this kind of magnificent talent would be interesting!

33. Galante = Gentle?? oFcourse YES! NOw, who would say 'NO' to this kind of virtue and I'll spank you!

34. Mr. Love Letter = Love letters gives me fuzzes!

35. Maporma = I'm attracted to well-dressed guys but if he's too conscious of how he dressed or look like, then that would be a turn Off!

36. Talks Too Much = Irritating!

37. Soccer Hottie = Can be but not a priority. Tennis Hottie would be!

38. Anti-Christ = Absolutely, beyOnd any dOubt, obviously, undeniably, unequivocally sure as HEee-aven…NO, NO, NO!

39. Mama’s Boy = Mama's boy's? Well were do I start? Without being cruel mama's boy are a very dependent boys / men. I think of a guy who can't do anything without his Mother being in the middle of his life. Do they make good husbands? If the answer is NO, then, Thanks anyway...On the other hand, I know that Mama's boy's seem to be more caring, more willing to express emotions and to be demonstrative, and more respectful of women.

40. Hangs Out With His Friends A Lot = If a teenager like me, then it's nOrmal. But a guy wHo's already in adulthoOd, then, it's frustrating!

41. Mysterious Guy = Edward Collen? Is that yOu? Mystery can be alluring, but eventually I'd get annoyed. If he had multi-faced personalities, I wouldn't know which side to trust! But if he's a vampire like Edward then, I like him a 101%! lols!

42. Cute Idiot = Though cute, hE's still dumb!

43. Guitarist = Depends on the image the person with the guitar gives off..

44. Wide Vocabulary Guy = Mr. Walking Dictionary is A pLus pOints for me!

45. Loves you = ThE no. one pRiority!

46. Tennis guy = ScRoll back to no. 37. Tennis Guy Could be a Priority. *wink*

47. Dark skin = Prefer fair-skinned.

48. Tall = I used to be hanging out with my Guy friends who are taller than me and I do have 4 TOWER elder Brothers sooo...I prefer taller guys.! SOory to petite oneS...

49. Chubby = Like wiNnie the pOoh?? oOps! Sorry I didn't mean anything, oFCourse I love winnie the pOoh, But sad to say, I already have my piLLOw, I don't need another One.! hehe just kidding!

50. Hairy = Nope. I never like hairy guys! He should have a Clean Cut loOk to attract me. lols!



favorite sister on January 18, 2009 at 12:55 AM said...

Kataas ani nga meme oi!! Oist bloggy friend nako na si CandyQ.

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