Monday, February 2, 2009

V Day is Just arOund the Corner

It's February 2009 and Valentine's Day is just around the cOrner! And that means Valentine's Day with all its chances to share warmth, romance, or just plain fun....

So who has more fun on Valentine’s Day? Those who are Single or those who are Coupled?

“Couples, of course!” Mariel said, enthusiastically. “Why?, you fall in love all over again! Flowers in the morning, sweet messages throughout the day, a romantic dinner, and a Valentine’s gift to cap it off.”

“On the contrary,” Nikka countered, “Valentine’s is not just about romantic love. It’s about
celebrating love in all its forms. I can have a fab dinner with my friends or family and have as much fun as you.”

I thought:
To those Valentine’s days spent single—doubled over in laughter with my friends, being silly, eating at a restaurant, or hitting the videoke. The bonding, the good vibes, the company. Those days were a blast.

Fast forward to those people who would spend Valentines Day as a couple, waking up to a call from the person you love, those three long-stemmed roses, and, gosh, a dinner date! The ambience, the mood, the candlelight, and the love of your life! What else would be more perfect?
Then later I was transfixed!

“Well?” Honey and Nikka's voice broke my reverie.

Who has more fun on Valentine’s Day? You tell me.



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