Saturday, February 14, 2009

What's yOur Relationship Status?

Is it Single? Married? It's Complicated? or Dating?

Well, whatever your relationship status may be...

Today, is the most awaited day for some of us. To spend Valentines Day together with our family, friends, loved ones and significant 'others'...

I’m sure top of mind to most of you right now is what Valentine gift to give your loved one.

So what are the best gifts to give on Valentine’s Day? Well, I was thinking. I know many consider the classic bouquet of red roses, box of sweet chocolates and romantic dinner (probably in a restaurant with an excellent view of the sea or the city skyline) as the best gifts on Valentine’s Day, but the truth is, the best gift you can give your Valentine on V-Day is time. Spend quality time with that person and be reminded what a blessing it is to love and be loved. I’m not saying don’t give a gift, I’m saying the cost of the gift doesn’t really matter, it’s the thought that counts. And with the current financial crisis, now is certainly the best time to be creative and cost-friendly with your Valentine’s Day gift.

Basically, Valentine's Day is predicted to be a cool 56 degrees with a 30% chance of rain. You know what else comes in percentages?

Today, Saturday may not be looking the sunniest, but for many girls the weather outside will have no effect on what they're feeling. A heart will always remain hot, especially when it beats with satisfaction.

Well, A lot of people say the same things about….being in love. I may not spend this Valentines season with a 'significant other' since I don't have one, I can just stay here in home or I'l spend it with my friends, anyway valentines day is not just for lovers ayt?

But honestly, it never goes out of my mind that I can and I will actually say this line to somebody in the near future.!

Happy HEARTS day everyone!



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