Sunday, December 21, 2008

At last it's Here!

At last! For how many months, weeks, days, hours and minutes we've been waiting for this things to arrive, now, we already have it! Thank God!
Actually we're really too excited to watch the video and pictures during the wedding of my kuya last August 16, 2008.
If kuya never called here in our house, then probably until now, this stuffs would not arrive here...
May you enjoy watching this pictures!

Super HARD bound photo album..It weigh more than 5 kilos! Heavy enough to throw it in the head at your enemy! lols!

What's inside?

The Book, video and the pictures!

We really had fun watching the pictures and was soo amazed from what's inside the super hard bound photo album but we got pissed from the video! We can't finish it because it was too damaged and over used.! How crazy...



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