Sunday, December 28, 2008

weLcome to the Christian wOrld Lil' pRince.!

The christening of a baby is a great cause for celebration as the church welcomes in a new member of the family.

On this day, I had the privilege to photograph the christening of a special young man. Some of you may know him from a post featured on my blog. His name is AJ and he is truly a man of God - at 3 yrs. of age. This Sunday morning, my family and the family of AJ's mom gathered for a special ceremony at St. Nicolas chapel somewhere here in our place and it was beautiful though it was a 'Mass Baptism ceremony'. The laughter, love, and joy was overflowing from the moment the ceremony started and it never stopped pouring out of the hearts of everyone there.

The father(my elder brother A) asked me to photograph the ceremony but I got a little tired and captured only few images of the entire day. So, here’s a few favorites that I thought you would enjoy. Have a blessed and empowered week and remember to never stop having faith to Him.

Our little buddy getting christened.

At the reception

They 'murdered' our family name.. It should be 'GOMEZ! not GomeSSSS *smug*

Proud grandparents. My father (beside my 'tower' brother) is very happy..

At the end of the day, we were very happy and that moment is memorable for us and to our lil prince AJ...

oOps! I would also like to thank the presence of my gOod buds/pals/friends (H, L, N) for coming around. They add color to this wonderful day. It was really fun having them!



Prince Charles said...

helo yanix.. ako comment kay no comment.hehe bitaw ui grabe naman ka mag english lupigan pa nimo mga author sa mga english book sa xavier. happy kaayo ko kay naa akong keychain sa imong blog.hehe pati pa gyud mga pagkaon lami kaayo tan-awon na makalaway. tulog na ko kay dula pa ko ugma yanix.. ingat ka always yanix..

favorite sister on December 30, 2008 at 4:52 AM said...

Akong comments, well, nice au ang internet nickname sa first commenter and congrats AJ boi for our Christening. At long last!

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