Thursday, January 1, 2009

whO's me?

Thirteen Things about MY NAME

1. My name is Ariane. "The name Ariane is a baby girls name. The name Ariane comes from the French origin. In French The meaning of the name Ariane is: Very holy. Variant of the Greek Mythological Ariadne, who aided Theseus to escape from the Cretan labyrinth."- wikipedia

2. On 1989, I was named by my father whom at that time watched the news about the successful launch of a European civilian expendable launch vehicles for space launch use, the Ariane 4 - part of the Ariane Rocket family.
-No wonder why I've always dreamed to be an astronaut when I was young.

3. On the contrary, my mother loves avon products, which coincidentally she loves the scent of Ariane perfume. For her the perfume is so feminine and pure.
-Well, I admit it's true.

4. When I was in my childhood days, I always have buddies or friends named like mine. But in different spelling. It would usually be 'Arriane' or 'Arianne' or worse 'Aryan'

5. When I was in my elementary days, I hated my name because it's too short unlike my classmates who have soo many names. For ex. Maria Theresa Anne or Mary Grace Joy.

6. One day at school, I tried to fool my 1st grader teacher. I wrote the name Mary Grace on my test paper. When the teacher checked our papers he asked who the hell is Mary Grace. Then I raised my hand and said 'Me Sir!'. He then asked me why did I do that. I simply answered 'Because I envy the name of my sister and I just love the name of mother Mary'. and the room burst with laughters...

7. When I graduated in elementary, my name received lots of academic awards since I entered in that school.

8. As I entered in high school, my name was not that famous until I joined a lot of org. in our school.

9. I had a friend in hs which was always revising my name and calling me 'yanix' because she hated the name 'Ariane'. How awful...I don't know what's with her for hating my precious name.

10. and...Everybody oh almost everybody in the classroom and my friends in school even my teacher calls me 'yanix'.
- where my nickname was born.

11. As I entered in College, I love to introduce to lots of people by using my precious name. But people don't usually remember names so I just only gave my nickname.

12. Also in college, I have my own set of friends and I'm very happy that we cherish each others name. Thus, making me appreciate more about my name.

13. Whatever our name is, its history and meaning, the most important thing is that it defines our uniqueness as an individual, what do we love to do and do it for our own good. Having a clear goal in mind and do everything we can to achieve it. And most important of all ...we must know our real purpose why we're living at this very moment.

Have a happy wEekend!

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favorite sister on January 3, 2009 at 2:23 PM said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Congratulations on your first Thursday Thirteen. Sadly, TT has wrapped up and the official hub is inaccessible. But of course, it's not an excuse to write great lists like this!

I have to let you know though that your name was taken from Philippine's pro bowler, Ariane Cerdena.

yanix on January 4, 2009 at 1:33 AM said...

taka? hehe. promise?

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