Thursday, January 1, 2009

Have a 'LuCky' New year.!

New year is a new beginning, we welcome the new year 2Oo9 full of hope for the better year. For me this is the happiest time of the year because we got a chance to celebrate it with our whole family.

Most Filipinos observed beliefs and practices that has been passed from time to time. Each practice would differ from one community to another.

But let me share some things that I know and follow in my 19 years of life living here in Philippines together with my family.

1. The very first thing I know is to gather 13 round variety of fruits. For stocking on round fruits is expected to usher in a well-rounded year of prosperity for the household.

2. Prepare coins for the entire family's pocket. It has been our tradition that if we placed coins in our pockets and will ring these at the coming of the New Year believing that this practice would bring in money in our pockets all throughout the year.

3. Abundance of food in the dining table. It is belief that there will be abundance of food for the rest of the year. Don't forget to eat some sticky food like, kalamay (a kind of rice cake) or biko (rice cake)or suman (sweet steamed rice). It is belief that sweet and sticky food when eaten on the first minute of the year brings prosperity.
-I'm having a hard time searching for english terms of this foods. *sigh*

4. Ask the children in your home to jump. Its a belief that children who jump will make them taller. At my age I still jump together with my Big Brothers. lols!
- If there would be a contest who's the highest jumper for the new year, then Ate C
would probably win! lols!

and lastly...

5. Welcome the New year with loud and safe noise.! The noise and the firecrackers is believed to drive away the devil spirit and make the New year bountiful and blessed.

These New Year beliefs and practices are meaningless in the Christian context. It is better to rely on one's hard work, perseverance and faith in God to make the coming year a well rounded one,. Happy New Year to all of us! Here comes another year to start anew.
Wishing you all not only happiness but a bountiful year as well. Cheers!



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