Saturday, February 21, 2009

Will you ask a fortune teller to predict your own future?

Yesterday was a blast! A blast of stress and pressure after we had our 'required' recollection. My friends decided to go to a fortune teller somewhere here in our place.

Fortune telling is sometimes believable and so as unbelievable. It doesn't hurt to try so I then joined my friends. When it was already my turn and she saw me, her first uttered word was that I'm very friendly, generous and she told me a lot of things that worth good to hear. Almost positive vibes. That something good will happen, a happy love life for the rest of my life and of course a stunning career and all of my hopes and wishes will do come true. Yes! I know right? So far so good.

Actually,I'm afraid of indulging myself to this kind of stuff. I'm afraid of going to a fortune teller. I'm afraid of what the fortune teller's gonna tell me and as what I've known, it's a bad thing going to this such kind of thing. It seems you lack faith in God.

As they say if said something bad like, you will die at certain age in traffic accident or something else, the reason it could actually happen is, because you are scared and expecting it to at any time and it more likely to come true.

If fortune teller say you will meet a dark haired man/woman, it will happen because you will be looking, and wondering whom it will be.. BUT you will think wow that fortune teller was right.. But no, that was only due to you are expecting it.

I would like a fortune teller to tell me that I will win much money or be millionaire hah hah hah!

But at the end of the day, I realized that my friends and I were young and sometimes insecure. For the reason that we really indulge ourselves to this kind of activity. I once consulted card reader for a look into my future especially my love life and career life. Actually the event yesterday was my second try in going to a fortune teller. I decided to stopped because I heard the same thing over and over again.

Well, if you happen to go to a fortune telling already don't believe a 100% of things the card reader tells you. Do it for fun, for something to giggle about with your friends but never let the readings influence you. Remember that if readings are true, those readers would have been successful or rich by knowing their future. They only got rich from the earnings of people they have duped.=)

The future is not an abysmal territory which is discovered through cards and crystals - but rather a reality which is coming to pass with each passing day, with each PASSING DECISION of each individual.

Fortune-telling and superstitions can never be an alternative to human’s instinct and common sense. God is there to guide and hone us. But in the end, it is OUR choice, no one else’s.



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