Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy thoughts!

I’m not sure why, but it seems to me that teens these days are much more stressed than my expectation of my generation. Browsing through Multiply and Facebook, I always notice how my younger friends’ posts are often related to being sad or angry or annoyed. What’s worse is that being sad or angry or annoyed seems to be the “in” thing. How come happiness isn’t cool anymore?

Inspired by Coca-Cola’s new ad campaign (you’ve probably seen those huge billboards all over the city. I love the message that something as “ordinary” as a bottle of Coke can make you smile.), I’ve come up with a list of things you shouldn’t get stressed over. I hope this helps you see the brighter side of things, because life is too short to waste on NOT being happy!

1. Discovering that you’ve already worn out your favorite pair of shoes.
This just means they’ve already served their purpose because you’ve already worn them enough times. They’ve already gone to the mall, to the park, to your best friend’s house, and even out of town.

2. A bad grade on a test.
There will always be other tests, which you can promise yourself you’ll study harder for and definitely do better on.

3. A fight with a friend.
There are exceptions, of course, but as a general rule, the friends who will stick with you no matter what are the friends you’ve fought and made up with at least once.

4. A strict set of rules and a curfew earlier than everyone else’s.
In my favorite show Privileged, one character says, “I think kids secretly want boundaries. They want to be told what’s okay and what’s not.” Think about it—what kind of decisions would you make and what kind of person would you be if your parents let you do anything you wanted?

5. A broken phone, a busted Net connection, and other technology woes.
This only goes to prove that you shouldn’t rely on modern technology for everything. Can’t text your best friend? Call her landline instead. Can’t do research online? Head over to the library. Our grandparents lived without gadgets and gizmos—I’m sure you can too, at least until you get a new phone and have your Internet fixed.

6. Your crush not liking you back.
You may feel like you will never meet anyone as cute or as smart or as charming as he is, but trust me, you will. And when that guy comes, he will think YOU are the cutest, smartest, most charming person he’s ever met!

7. Being single on this year of the Ox's??.
Go out with your girlfriends. Stay home and bake cookies. Or, like me, make plans to watch complete season of 'Gossip Girl' or my all-time favorite 'Smallville'.! just monopolize your stale Dvd's at home. or rather, go for an exercise sports this upcoming summer season! I'm pretty sure, when classes starts, your friends will be shocked of the new figure you have!


I’ve left the last three spaces blank—those are for YOU to fill! Let me know what you come up with and let’s trade happy thoughts! :)



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